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Since 2006, Design Aglow has been the premier online resource for information and products created for the success of professional portrait and wedding photographers.


At Design Aglow, you will always find a fresh collection of resources, including Photoshop and InDesign actions and templates, stunning articles, turn-key selling kits, heirloom products, intelligent marketing tools, and instant solutions for the boutique photo studio. Our products are always original and we are recognized for setting the highest standards in the industry.


Our mission is to help professional photographers take their success to the next level with the highest quality resources for their studios. We have three simple goals for every product we create: to save you time, to enhance your photography, and to increase your sales.

Why Design Aglow?

As an acclaimed pioneer within the photography industry, Design Aglow excels at providing photographers with a versatile toolbox for their boutique photo studios. Our network of top industry experts focuses on getting you started with best business practices and offering you timely inspiration. Design Aglow products follow a rigorous 100+ step workflow system to ensure maximum quality and efficiency. Additionally, all of our products are specifically created to return your investment within 1-2 uses, saving you valuable time while elevating your image, brand, and offerings.

From our founder and CEO, Lena Hyde:

"Since 2006, Design Aglow has been raising the bar on marketing resources available to professional photographers. We create powerful tools because we know our success is dependent on the success of our clients."

At its core, Design Aglow is a simple and honest company that believes in hard work and strong values. We want to bring you the best business products without ever compromising quality. We offer fair pricing and a reputation for products that are of the highest caliber in their field. At Design Aglow, we prefer to work towards creating innovative tools and valuable products that will optimize your business, versus flashy gimmicks and promotions to reach a quota. Our products speak for themselves and have proven to be smart investments for over 40,000 photographers worldwide.

Our Values

Our Values

At Design Aglow, it is our mission to elevate the industry of professional photography by providing empowering education and expert design tools.  We believe in preserving the artistry of the profession, and are dedicated to offering materials that develop effective business practices and raise industry standards.

IntegrityOffering a morally principled, transparent experience is our promise and our creed. We take a sincere, honest approach to conceptualizing and creating innovative products for our customers. At Design Aglow, we know the value of what we produce, and stand firmly by the highest quality and completeness of our products.

PassionA profound sense of dedication is present in our office, fueling both our business practices and client relations. We take pride in the quality of our products, and strive to offer an excellent customer experience.  Our commitment to innovation and drive keeps us vested in forward-thinking concepts and passion for our industry.

Leadership Design Aglow's library of resources for photographers were the first of its kind, setting the standard for our field in 2006. We are a boutique business with big ideas, viewed as an industry leader dedicated to illuminating new business possibilities for photographers and revolutionizing concepts in business growth and creativity.  Our dedication to constant improvement is evident in both our products and position as a cutting-edge resource for the modern photographer.

Quality One of Design Aglow's greatest responsibilities is to execute excellence in our products and services. Because the photography industry is a dynamic climate of constant change and technological evolution, this excellence must evolve with current standards and best practices. A flat refusal to compromise quality for marketing ploys that boost sales numbers is a testament to how strongly we believe in what we produce.

New Here?

Design Aglow offers solutions to all of your marketing, branding, and educational needs, from essential workflow materials to comprehensive guides and business resources. Don’t know where to begin? Click here for a list of our most popular products for photography studio success.

*NOTE: Almost all products require Adobe Photoshop. Please check the compatibility on any product before purchasing.

All of our templates and guides are instant digital downloads and ready to use as soon as they hit your inbox. Remember to back up IMMEDIATELY. Whether it’s a computer crashing, hardware theft, or accidentally saving over the original file, you should always have a contingency plan to protect against the unexpected.

Our design templates are ready to use but can be customized to complement your style in minutes. With our fully layered Photoshop files, the possibilities are endless!  Change colors, tweak the professionally pre-written verbiage to fit the tone of your studio, change sizing, and more.

We recommend having your designs professionally printed so you know you’re receiving the best quality product on the market. There are many printers and labs to choose from, but whomever you choose, be absolutely sure that you contact them for their sizing, bleed and crop specs before printing your materials. Our recommended printing resources are located within every product tutorial.


Design Aglow welcomes a range of contributors to our blog, and encourages the free flow of ideas on professional photography, business and success. These guest post guidelines will ensure that you optimize your work so that it resonates with our audience, and hopefully throughout the entire industry. What’s in it for you? A post on the Design Aglow blog will be bylined with a brief biography, linking back to your website (or other online presence). We’ll also introduce you to our monthly audience of 75,000 readers.

Ready to join us?

We consider guest posts that are:
• Completely original. Only content that has not been published elsewhere on the internet (and will not be published elsewhere, thus incurring the wrath of SEO penalties) is acceptable, as verified by Copyscape.com.
• Usable indefinitely. By agreeing to have your post published on our blog, you understand that your post will remain on our site–and therefore unpublishable elsewhere–for a length that is of our discretion.
• Editable. While we won’t completely rewrite posts, we will revise for clarity, grammatical issues, or length. Our goal is not to strip your post of its voice, but instead craft it to work for the Design Aglow audience. If your post needs major revisions or clarifications, we might email you with questions or suggestions.
• Advancing the conversation. We seek content that is fresh and topical, funny and informative. We encourage you to review our latest posts to see what sorts of topics we cover.
• Not marketing a product. We will not consider posts that are self-promotional in nature or that include marketing or affiliate links.
Please upload your article and photos through this form, or email us directly to editor@designaglow.com. Your photos should be original and relevant to your piece; however, if you need help sourcing or selecting photos, we’ll be glad to assist you with the process.

If we are interested in publishing your article, we’ll be sure to contact you shortly. Due to the volume of communications we receive, we are not able to respond to each submission individually. As always, thanks for your support of Design Aglow; we look forward to hearing from you.

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